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“Cancer is completing my life, making it whole…”

Julie Yip-Williams

Cancer is completing my life, making it whole. It’s a strange thing to say, isn’t it? Most would say that cancer, the terminal kind, is truncating and destroying their lives. For a long time, especially in the beginning of this cancer journey, I felt that way too, but no longer. It all makes sense now. Cancer and even congenital blindness make sense now. The “Why?” question I’ve spent my entire life asking and which I never thought I would be able to decipher, at least not in this life, has a credible, tangible answer now. All the suffering and all the joy, all the tears and all the laughter, from the moment of my birth to my very last breath, a life that has seen more than its fair share of excruciating pain as well as spectacular achievements, I understand it all now. I have found the meaning and purpose…

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