Monde Selection - Grand Gold Quality Award 2017.png

Monde Selection, run by International Institute for Quality Selections in Brussels, Belgium, is an annual reward that has garnered its popularity among companies around the world. This prestigious award which was founded in 1961 has been inviting international experts to taste, try and test thousands of products ranging from food, drinks, diet and health products, tobacco, cosmetics and toiletries.

Products are not compared with other products in the same category; rather, they are evaluated individually based on a set a criteria including but not limited to taste, health claims, user-friendliness, labeling, packaging and even innovation.

For Diet and Health category, independent experts such as nutritionist, chemists, and university professors are invited to evaluate the submitted products based on a variety of parameters, such as:

  • List of ingredients
  • Active substance content
  • Content and form of commercial claims
  • Correct description of the usefulness of the product
  • Compliance of the nutritional label
  • Information about the dosage, conditions of use and expiry dates
  • Coherence between commercial claims and product composition
  • Enough active ingredients to achieve the effect stated in the commercial claims
  • Laboratory result of some analyses
  • In some cases an organoleptic test will be done

Products are awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze Quality Labels based on their qualities.

Trophies are awarded to companies that have reached and maintained a high level of excellence.

A Prize of the Jury is awarded to one product in every category for its remarkably outstanding qualities such as taste or innovative nature.

In 2017, 2956 products were submitted and tested and 966 companies were awarded.

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