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“The health condition of advanced cancer patients is extremely weak with the damaged or unbalanced internal organ functioning as these patients would have already undergone treatment processes like chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery for a few months. The liver is one of the most important organs among the others to get affected during the process.”

Before chemotherapy is performed, doctors will perform blood tests for cancer patients to confirm that their body cell index is normal. However, when the liver index is too high, treatment must be postponed or even stopped.

“The liver has many important functions in our body like processing the food, drugs, toxins, producing bile to help in food digestion, filtering blood, helping coagulation and regulating hormones.”  When the liver is overburdened, liver function can be hindered. Therefore, with the input of chemotherapy drugs, the liver is the most damaged place in all organs.

“So it is vital to maintain a liver that is strong enough to have a steady functioning of detoxification taking place, thereby helping the body to restore the energy it requires. Though Fucoidan is best for supporting t he liver in its detoxification process, AHCC would be the best alternative as studies have proven that AHCC is more effective in stimulating the liver function.”

“Maintaining a well balanced diet with the right combination of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and adequate calories is very important for liver-affected patients to help in liver cells regeneration.

Combination of AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound), Agaricus blazei (a type of mushroom species) and Fucoidan can also help bring back proper functioning of the liver.

The Journal of Gastroenterology and  Hepatology published the following results:

“Fucoidan causes anti-fibrogenesis in liver-induced cirrhosis through the down-regulation of transforming factor “beta 1” and “chemokine ligand 12″ expressions, and that scavenging lipid peroxidation is well-incorporated in the liver.”

There was also another research published in the Cancer Chemotherapy Pharmacology Journal showed that there has been considerable improvement in the function of the liver cirrhosis patients who had advanced hepatocellular carcinoma when they were administered with AHCC.

Agaricus blazei, a mushroom variety from Brazil, was used for medicinal purposes (without the need of prescription) widely. This medicinal mushroom repairs the damage caused in the liver when used in combination with AHCC and Fucoidan.

All these researches proved that, with medical management, proper diet and combination of the nutritional ingredients (AHCC, Fucoidan and Agaricus blazei), the progressive rate of liver damage can be actively slowed down.”


Some of the information in this blog post is taken from Olivia Green’s book “Anti-Cancer Nutrients: Fucoidan & AHCC.” Click here to read more, it’s free on Amazon Kindle.


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