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There are several types of brown seaweed, but the most popular ones used in supplements are: MOZUKU, MEKABU, AND FUCUS.

Today I will be discussing about the anti-cancer properties of Mekabu and Fucus.

MEKABU (WAKAME) FUCOIDANiStock_000062810150_Double.jpg





A research done by University of Texas on a mix of Mekabu and Fucus shows that patients who are given the mix consistently:

  • decreased ovarian tumor growth by 33%
  • decreased cervical tumor by 70%
  • when the mix was used together with chemo, it contributes to decreasing the tumor additionally by 26%

However, to produce the right amount of fucoidan, you need to consume more than 3 kilograms of seaweed per day, which is unpractical to do. Therefore, in order to receive the full benefits of these brown seaweeds, opt for extract/powder form. FOR THE MIX OF MEKABU AND FUCUS FUCOIDAN, CHECK OUT THIS PRODUCT WITH MORE THAN 40GR OF FUCOIDAN: NatureMedic’s Fucoidan 3-Plus.

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