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Do you know that 50% of dogs over the age of 10 develop some type of cancer, such as bone and blood cancer, breast cancer, and malignant lymphoma.

Cancer in cats is less common than in dogs, about 1 in every 5 cats, but it tends to be more aggressive form of cancer, such as lymphoma, leukemia, mammary (breast) cancer.

The addition of seaweed or fucoidan in our pets’ diets can prove successful. Fucoidan is brown seaweed extract and has tons of vital minerals and vitamins. Since it is in powder form (you can open the capsule), it is very easy to implement Fucoidan in our pets’ diets. A fucoidan product with several types of fucoidan will probably be more favorable because then our pets can get the benefits from a variety of seaweed. For example, mozuku fucoidan is proven to have higher apoptosis inducing effect than other types of seaweed. Whereas, mekabu fucoidan seems to be more effective in suppressing cancer angiogenesis. Fucus fucoidan, on the other hand, is supposedly very effective with female types of cancer. Fucoidan will also give pets more energy and alleviate the side symptoms of the disease to help make our furry friends’ life easier and more enjoyable.


Fucoidan, however, is not cheap, especially if you are looking at some of the high-quality with high purity and quantity of Fucoidan, such as this one. The good news is suggested doses for pets is one third (1/3) of humans’. Let’s say your pet is in the first stage of cancer, if an average person in the same situation needs about 12-16 capsules of ~ 300mg each per day, a 50lbs dog will only need 3 – 5 capsules per day. If you just aim for the maintenance of your pet’s health, 1 capsule a day is enough, which in turn make one 60 cap bottle last 2 months – definitely good bang for your bucks! But of course, depending on the amount and purity of Fucoidan in different products, suggested doses can vary. When it comes to health, especially of yourself and your loved ones, nothing is of more importance.


If you cannot afford Fucoidan for your pets, considering adding seaweed/kelp to your pets’ meals. It may take more time as you have to prepare the seaweed (most of the time, boil it) as opposed to adding powder supplement such as Fucoidan. Just remember to never feed your pets dried wild seaweed as it is extremely dangerous for them!

Seaweed and seaweed-based supplements like Fucoidan, besides helping pets battle with cancer, have numerous benefits including: balancing glandular activities (thanks to rich iodine content in seaweed), healthy skin and coat (thanks to the highly bio-available protein in seaweed), flea control, better general health.

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