Everything Fucoidan


Many studies have been carried out by independent research groups about the efficacy of fucoidan. Animal studies and human clinical trials are currently focused on the key health indications below:



Since fucoidan has been on the rise in the supplement market lately, you may be having a hard time looking for a good fucoidan product. Let’s take a look at some of the pivotal points of a good fucoidan product:

  • High-purity and high-potency
  • Harvested from clean oceans to guarantee no radiation and no heavy metals
  • Amount of fucoidan content
  • The variety of types of fucoidan
  • USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan
  • Price

The product I want to mention today is NATURE MEDIC’S FUCOIDAN 3-PLUS. Besides having the most fucoidan content (40,000 mg of fucoidan) out of all the fucoidan products on the market, this product also meets and exceeds all of the above requirements for a superb fucoidan product:

  • High-purity (concentration) of 85% // Some fucoidan products use even less than 30% purity fucoidan because the lower fucoidan purity correlates to the lower production cost. If the purity is lower, there is relatively higher amount of impurities such as salt. Therefore, lower purity fucoidan products will likely to have a stronger salty taste.
  • A variety of fucoidan types: 3-PLUS uses MOZUKU, MEKABU, & FUCUS
  • Highest amount of fucoidan content: 40,000 mg per Bottle // Other fucoidan products only have about 25,000 – 27,000 mg of fucoidan per bottle and integrate a large amount of other ingredients to lower the cost of materials.
  • Harvested from the cleanest oceans in the world // Mozuku from Okinawa, Mekabu from Tasmania, Australia, and Fucus from North Atlantic.
  • Mekabu and Fucus are USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free. 3-PLUS uses No Fillers, and vegetable capsules instead of gelatin capsules.
  • Price is $300/bottle of 160 capsules, 320mg/cap ~ THE MORE YOU BUY THE MORE DISCOUNT YOU GET.


I hope you learn more about Fucoidan after this blog post. Feel free to email or comment down below if you have any questions. HAPPY FUCOIDAN SHOPPING !



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