Boosting Immune System · Nutrition & Supplements


Mekabu seaweed
Mekabu seaweed

Our immune system is the first line of defense in the body that fights against cancer cells. There are a lot of things we can do to naturally boost our immune system, one of which is through food/diet.

Basic nutrients that are good for the immune system such as Vitamin C, selenium, zinc, Vitamin D can be found in a lot of foods and supplements.

Beta glucans, medicinal mushrooms like Agaricus blazei mushroom can affect your immune system in a positive way.

Fiber is also an important nutrient to add to your daily meals. Fiber is important because fiber does multiple things. It helps feed the prebiotics, which helps the probiotics in the gut where 80 percent of the immune system is. If your immune system is strong and enhanced, cancer cells technically have fewer chances to attack your body. Seaweed or Fucoidan is a dietary fiber that could be very beneficial if you are looking to boost your immune system.

A plant-based diet is proven to provide all the necessary nutrients a body needs. The only nutrient that is missing from this plant-based diet is Vitamin B12, which you can get away with by taking supplements.

All in all, a diet that excludes dairy, meat, eggs will be better for your health if you have cancer, or want to enhance your immune system.



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