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“My baby, Aimee, 52 pounds at 11 years old, had a surgery to remove a 55cm of intestine after being diagnosed with intestine cancer in May 2016. Before the surgery at the veterinary hospital, she lost weight, vomited a lot, and had diarrhea for 2 months. I thought she was sick due to some digestive disorder. Aimee was in such a bad condition that the doctor was not sure about the recuperation and only promised to do her best by introducing chemotherapy to Aimee’s treatment. The doctor informed me that there was a high chance of death during the chemo. 4 days after the surgery, Aimee was discharged from the hospital with a prescription to alleviate vomit and diarrhea.

I was informed that the first chemo session would begin in two weeks’ time and a total of six chemo sessions were scheduled every 3 weeks. My family loves our dog very much that we began searching for alternatives to save Aimee. I heard about Fucoidan and did some research on it online. After narrowing down to 2-3 brands, I called NatureMedic’s customer service first and talked with a lady named Heather for almost 30 minutes. Heather understood my urgent situation and explained very sincerely. The conversation made me trust NatureMedic fucoidan product and the very next day, she sent me a free sample and booklets.

I discussed Fucoidan with the hospital, and the oncology doctor advised me to try Fucoidan after completing the first chemo treatment. She is Caucasian and surprisingly knew about Fucoidan. As advised, I gave two capsules at breakfast and three capsules at dinner time to Aimee two weeks before the 2nd chemo.

4 to 5 days after taking Fucoidan, my puppy began eating well and seemed to gain energy little by little. Her vomit that got me worried most was obviously alleviated. When Aimee went through the 3rd chemo treatment, I was informed that the index of WBC (white blood cell) was good, so I stopped giving Aimee the drugs for vomiting and diarrhea and have not given her any since.

Day by day, Aimee regained her energy, and her appetite improved noticeably. I had not  seen any more vomiting after taking Fucoidan. From that moment, I was hopeful that she could be saved and so I consistently have her take Fucoidan every day.

Aimee lost weight awfully due to the cancer but gradually regained the weight. I walked her to the park near my home and the ladies that I have known for long time exclaimed “wonderful” again and again with delight. The recuperation with Fucoidan was much better than I expected that I felt silly for worrying that Aimee’s condition would get worse.

The oncologist said everything was great or in her own words “Beautiful” after a checkup when Aimee finished the 6th chemo therapy. I burst out into tears. The doctor asked me to take Aimee for regular checkups from now on.

It’s been 2 months since the completion of chemo treatments. Now Aimee is eating very well, having great bowel movement, and playing all the time. She looks so good! I am happily worrying about controling her weight as Aimee tends to eat a lot!

Had I not found NatureMedic, it would have been impossible for Aimee to overcome the cancer and I might have lost her, which is something I no longer think about.”







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