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According to a recent study in the United States, about one-third of dogs and one-quarter cats die of cancer. Dogs diagnosed with lymphoma live an average of one month without treatment. With treatment, survival time is about 12 months.

It is important to know that the way animals respond to treatments is different from humans. On average, humans can prolong their life span by two or three decades. Cats and dogs can only prolong their life span of two or at most three years. Most cats and dogs that go through chemotherapy do not have side effects, though there are still a small number of cases of vomiting, lethargy, etc.,

The following is the story of a 13-year-old Golden Retriever (Golden Retriever) who had a breast tumor.


Tai Wan Taoyuan City, Miss Hu

My family’s baby boy was about 13 years old at the end of 2017, and about 96 years old according to the algorithm of human age! We adopted him when we were 5 years old. The previous owner did not neuter him, and my mother thought that we would just keep him at home where there was a wide yard for him to run all day. He was gentle, well-behaved, and very happy living with us.

In 2013, a few tumors that look like grapes were accidentally found in his left chest. The result of the test was a malignant breast tumor. After the first surgical resection, the second operation was performed two months later due to recurrence, and the uterus and breast were removed. After about half a year, she relapsed and the third operation was performed. The left nipple was removed. But last year, one of its lipomas was too big, and it oppressed other organs and so we had it surgically removed. At the beginning of this year, the left eye of the tumor was removed. It turned out to be a good tumor. He experienced 5 terrible operations in four years

Because we didn’t let Dudu do any chemotherapy, I actively searched for relevant anti-cancer information during the surgery and saw this fucoidan mixed with AHCC product. I was very interested in it. The suppression was very effective, so I bought it for Dudu. From 2016 to now, Dudu has been eating well for two years. The dose at the beginning was higher. He took it 5 times, divided in the morning, afternoon and evening. We gave him three meals per day using cooked fresh, organic food, and mixed three capsules in the diet. He had very good recovery, even the white hair on his nose turned into the original coat color. We took her to the hospital a while ago. A routine health check was performed with very good results, and even the doctor was surprised.

In addition, my mother took him for a walk in our neighborhood every day. First, it was just once a day to the small park next door for a few minutes back and forth; lately, he walks three times a day, 30 to 40 minutes each time, and he always gracefully follows my mother. I would often receive many compliments on her and people would ask how we helped maintain her health. We know that in addition to our care for her, taking the seaweed supplement Fucoidan AHCC is definitely very effective.

Today, our baby Dudu is the oldest “grandma” in our neighborhood. We are convinced that he will be the healthiest and most long-lived legendary dog ​​here! I sincerely recommend this product to anyone who wants to improve immunity, and wish everyone good health!

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