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The Secret of Cancer cure is “Mental Stability”- a real story from South Korea

Mr. Hwang-Soon (76) was in a hospital six years ago, where he had found unexpected Lung cancer.

Under the “six months to live”,  he underwent surgery to release a mass of cancer in the lungs and the abdominal following year. But he also met and enjoyed his acquaintances as usual despite not knowing when cancer cells will spread into his body. He also never skip the hospital’s regular check-up.

Could this be the reason? Last year, a miraculous cure was received. He laughed, saying, “I have a positive mindset, and it’s helped me to overcome the sickness of fear of death.”

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As cancer moves closer to our lives and cure percentage is getting higher, our interest growing in different ways to treat cancer patients other than surgery, chemotherapy, Etc.

Let’s look into patients with cured cancer.

Actually, like talking about Hwang’s, ’mindset ‘ would affect the disease? In this regard, a common Characteristic of cancer-cured patients is called “Mental Stability.”


Research participants who have stage 2 cancers, such as pancreatic cancer and larynx, and the treatment weren’t easy. But there is something they have in common for those who are successful to heal their own self-healing.

-They went under Chemotherapy and also explore different ways to cure cancer.

-They accept the cause of the disease is within them self.

-They focus and did something they enjoy or favorite things to do such as exercise or chorus, and naturally accepted the fact that they have cancer.

A 56-year-old housewife, with stage 3 breast cancers, was involved in a hospital choir who attended a medical treatment to overcome the fear of cancer. Rather than blaming the back on cancer, she sought serenity while having gratitude to others.

30127For illustration purposes only. It does not represent real persons or event.

Dr. Ji-Sung says, “If you get cancer, it’s going to be a lot different and stressful than before,” he said, “It’s important for cancer patients to bring more profound stability to their medical treatment.” In fact, cancer patients are often exposed to great anxiety.

doctor writing information to patient on medicine paper in clini

How is the stability of cancer patients?

In the Cancer Education Information Center, a song came out of the music. The theme of the day is  “health recovery meditation”. Ten cancer patients, with a calm look, sat down, laid shoulders, or breathe through their mouth.

“I need to love my own body.”  “My body state is my state of mind.” The instructor gives advice in a calm tone. The 50 years old-woman patient who came out of the class, “I had a pain on my hip area, after the meditation, not only my body but also my mind eased a lot,” she said.

One of the most representative ways to help patients with mental stability and treatment of cancer is”psychotherapy.” More hospitals, focusing on the ‘ + α ‘ (plus alpha) of, active in psychotherapy.


One of the hospitals is conducting their own programs, such as laughter classes, meditation therapy, and art therapy.

The aim is to prevent the treatment of the stress of the disease, mental illness.

Patients reactions are positive. Three years ago, Kyung (46) received stage 3 nasopharyngeal cancer, due to a side-effect of anti-cancer therapy, she was constantly nosebleed, the body has been suffered and not moving freely.

“I was frustrated every day, shedding tears and refusing visitation, but at the hospital, I was treated with art and music, and beginning to stop worrying or anxious the situation I was in.” Kyung said, “I had to drink a cup of water and it would take an hour to finish it due to a sore throat, but after I took psychotherapy, I told myself, let me take my time and drink slower so I would have less pain on the throat.”

Yoon-Jung (41), who was diagnosed with colorectal cancer two years ago, said, “It was a good benefit for me to receive psychological treatment, so I wanted to tell other cancer patients but often I got brushed off.”


Psychotherapy is also hard to be covered by health insurance. The Welfare Department official said, “there is still a lack of evidence to show the medical effects, and the medical system has not been asked to apply the medical with benefits .” Most experts admit that they still lack medical grounds. However, there is a gradual increase in the study of patients ‘ self-esteem, better treatment results, and psychological therapy.

Experts emphasize that in order to ensure proper psychotherapy and recovery of cancer patients, the infrastructure needs to be expanded with the patient’s own will. To overcome cancer, the effort to reduce stress is important. While not ashamed of seeking mental health counseling, it is helpful to receive meditation, yoga, and art therapy with complementary treatment.

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