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International travel guide for cancer patients

Many people are planning to travel abroad these days. Is it possible for cancer patients to travel outside of the country?

Here I have drafted a guide that may help you on what to do and things to bring if you are traveling abroad with cancer patients.

Happy senior retired couple having fun outdoors at travel vacati

If you are planning a trip abroad, it is recommended that you prepare for your trip after consulting with your healthcare professional.

If your immunity is low or if you are in chemo, it’s better to travel after recovery.

The first thing you need to prepare before departure is to start by consulting a patient’s body condition and treatment plan with your doctor.

Next, give yourself sufficient preparation and time of the country you are going to, and also check the endemic disease or the climate of the country, then prepare the necessary matters such as vaccinations.

patient listening intently to a male doctor explaining patient s

It is also helpful to plan a “care-free” trip that can be adjusted daily according to the patient’s condition, rather than a busy “packaged-tour” where they have to move on a busy schedule.

Patients have significantly lower physical health than the normal person so it would be helpful to stay in a resort area where a cancer patient can relax, rather than moving different places like tourist attractions.

And it’s better to take extra medication than the date you are planning to stay, and you’ll want to prepare yourself for sudden situations like suitcase gets lost or stolen, so put the medicine into multiple bags, just in case.

An emergency could happen in a foreign country, it is recommended that you take a copy of the prescription in advance and have it copied; bring a digestive, fever reducer and all the basic necessary medicines; prepare a mosquito repellent and mosquito repellent band to prevent infection from diseases such as malaria.

It is also advisable to have travel insurance before flying abroad.

Business man in the office fill out insurance policy. To prevent future incidents.

In the past, getting travel insurance for cancer patients was impossible, but in recent years, the number of cancer patients has been increased and the cure rate is getting higher.

There is a limited number of insurance companies which will accept travel insurance for cancer patients, but you can find them. They will also accept bodily injury, so please explore all your options and get travel insurance before abroad.

When you board on a plane, the pressure will be increased, cancer patients have a greater risk of getting venous thrombosis than normal persons, so take plenty fluids and do ankle exercises to prevent the risk of venous thrombosis. Wearing compression stockings may help.

Finally, make sure you boil the processed water for the prevention of local epidemics and preparing tea bags that can be put together in boiled water would be good ideas, too.

It is also advisable to eat a variety of food from the destination, but the cooking process can be uncertain, so try to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, that’s one way you can avoid enteritis or food poisoning.

Couple family traveling together,Tourist couple Backpack along m

So today, we have walked you through the preparations needed to travel abroad for cancer patients. If you prepare thoroughly and have good memories and recharge your body and soul, it will definitely help to recover.

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