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Immunity management and some tips for terminal cancer patients

With the recent development of advanced medicine, cancer is no longer be called an incurable disease, but it is still number one cost of death in the world and it’s necessary to pay particular attention and be cautious about them. Even if cancer patients have received a cure through tumor resection, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc., they are easily exposed to recurrence and side effects, and when they thought they’ve detected early stage of cancer, it often seems too late, because they just discovered they have cancer and at the same time they are being informed that it’s terminal.


Patients with last stage cancer suffer from severe pain and various side effects, which is difficult to tolerate and it can soon lead to irregular nutrient deficiencies, and reduced immunity.  So immunity management is very important.  In many cases, patients with last stage cancer have psychological anxiety, fear of death, and depression that also result in low immunity.   To take care of these psychological causes of lowering immune system, some of the university hospitals and health care clinics are interested in improving the immunity of patients through alternative medical treatments such as smile therapy, music therapy, meditation therapy, etc.


Taking 6 grams of vitamin C per day, divided into 2grams three times a day can help boost immunity, and vitamin D 200IU is also good for patients who are staying inside all day, because they have less chance of seeing the sun throughout the day it can weaken bones, therefore, taking vitamin D 200IU could help strengthen the bones and enhance the action of anti-cancer and immunity.

Terminal cancer patients are less energetic, it’s hard for them to take even short steps. If you take 50 mg of coenzyme per day, this ingredient converts the cells’ fats and sugars into energy which can be a foundation of metabolism, so it can help you digest the food.
Moreover, it can convert nutrients into energy to help grow and maintain cells, which can help improve the strength of patients.

3 Seaweed
Fucoidan is a polysaccharide extracted from brown seaweeds.


Fucoidan and AHCC, which you might have heard about if you are a cancer patient or their family members, are also known to help many patients.  Fucoidan and AHCC are reported to have various health benefits including immune boosting, alleviating side effects caused by chemotherapy. When patients cannot eat due to damages on stomach walls, sores in the mouth, loss of appetite, immune boosters like Fucoidan and AHCC may help patients to eat again.

AHCC® is a functional food made from the hybridized mycelia of Shiitake mushrooms.


To boost the immune system, you may take a variety of dietary supplements, but the most basic thing to do is eat healthy foods on a regular basis.   Avoid ingesting a stimulating, meat-based diet, and prevent yourself from eating fatty diets that are burdensome to the stomach.

In addition, in order to deal with the ascites that occur in patients with terminal liver cancer, it is very important to consume a small amount of sodium so that it is not going to be accumulated in the body.

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