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What is the anticancer efficacy of AHCC and Fucoidan?

Cancer patients in the U.S. have recently been considering treatments to increase natural way by using the power of alternative medicine rather than anticancer drugs or radiation therapy. Now less people are willing to go through treatment that can ruin your body and overall lifestyle, and when quality of life is maintained, you can see the positive hormones are produced which can shorten the duration of treatment as study shows. From this perspective, Fucoidan and AHCC are great advantages for cancer patients. As a natural ingredient, not only are there fewer side effects, but many clinical trials have revealed its efficacy in strengthening the immune system.

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Low in calorie, high in fibre, pumpkins have long been part of a weight loss diet. But do you know that pumpkins are also listed among other cancer-squashing superfoods thanks to the amount of carotenes in this fruit? Yes, pumpkins, like other winter squash, are an excellent source of carotenes – the richer the color… Continue reading IN THE SPOTLIGHT: PUMPKIN AND ITS CANCER-SQUASHING POWER

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Bladderwrack belongs to the Fucus Vesiculosus seaweed family, and is actually one of the most common types of seaweed found in the oceans. You can buy this seaweed in powder form or sun dried form on Amazon or Asian grocery stores.   SOME OF BLADDERWRACK SEAWEED'S HEALTH BENEFITS ARE:   Treating thyroid disorders by stimulating the thyroid… Continue reading YOU WANT TO STAY HEALTHY AND LOOK YOUNG: TRY THIS SEAWEED !

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4 Trending Superfoods of 2018

  The term "superfood" is thrown around a lot these days but what exactly is "superfood"? According to Google, "superfood" is a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. Blueberries, kales, hemp seeds are just a few examples of food that have garnered the title. However, there are no set criteria for determining… Continue reading 4 Trending Superfoods of 2018

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13 Interesting Facts About Seaweed

We all know what seaweed is (marine plant), where they grow (ocean and other water bodies), and the many health benefits it brings about (yes, many!). Because I love seaweed, and I hope to convert some of you non-seaweed eaters into seaweed lovers, I made it my mission to dig around the Internet for some… Continue reading 13 Interesting Facts About Seaweed